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Updated: Feb 6, 2021

****>>>What have you learned of yourself this year?<<<**** For Us All Who Have Undergone Disorientation, Loss, Health S/cares, Helplessness of How To Be a Source of Comfort, Soothe and Safe Repose....We summon the Radiative Morph Sworls of the Universe Beyond what appears, to Warm Us Our Will and Walk Us Open Through the New World Doors

ThankYou to Every Single Person who has thought of us, come by, bought books, brought books, given us Love in All your perfect ways - You have directly kept us Here Ready To Walk Through With You To Health, Love and True Human Happiness, Rust Belt Books This Beautiful Little Bookstore will be taking a Sweet Winter Break January 1st - 11th See You On The 12th!

Choosing to

Celebrate Our Golden Learnings and Good Great Fortune.. Happy New World To You!

Calendar Art Show Collage Events by Cassius Rideout Small works, Huge sentiments

-->ONGOING: Tuesday mornings, 6:30 - 7:15 am A Silent Meditation for ALL practices every Tuesday in our Back Room and Meditation loft (its that very sweet space above the back room, just look up..)Doors open from 6:15 to 6:29 am then we lock up so as not to be disturbed until 7:15 am when we unlock and go into the day. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY JUST BE WILLING TO SIT AND GO WITHIN YOURSELF TIL 7:15 AM Saturdays at 3 The Word - We collect a word, send it to our Friends at Silo City and write it on our wall. We've been doing this since moving here in 2015! Wanna give us a Word?- Be here by 3 pm! *********************************************************** Photo disclaimer: This shot was not on purpose. It was capturred in Trrrue Rrreality... Questions, concerns, real voice contact? Call us, 885-9535

With Love Allways, RBB

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