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Are You a victim or a Creator?  Do you perceive fear or Possibility?  Lack or Abundance?  What are you radiating into your Now Moment?

Your future is created from Now and cannot change through the lens of past ideas and programming.  Do you realize the external world is but a mirror of AAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the beliefs, fear, limitations, visions, possibilities, evolutions of what you and the rest of humanity hold inside on a collective level?  And You, just You, can affect, change and navigate your experiences for yourself and humanity to whatever you choose from the core of your Highest (or lowest) Consciousness??   ZOWIE, CAPTAIN CAVEMAN!, tell us more!!!


As the world splits into those following the screen of the external and those following the Voice of the Heart, a Great Wave of Awakening to why we're really here swallows us whole - Yummy!

Yes, Friends! Are you gonna be a victim of what appears or are you gonna be a CREATOR of what appears??

Repeat:  The Present Moment is My Temple,

                      The Present Moment is My Temple,

                              The Present Moment is My Temple............

WOW!, ThankYou, Captain CaveMan, for this Highly Charged Message just in time for DEEP GRATITUDE!  We will also add that we have a book for every statement made, to back up, verify, stimulate, and Amplify all that has presented itself in this email..

Hey, come by for a November Afternoon Poetry Soiree, this Saturday, 5-7 pm! See Calendar below

To Health, Love and True Human Happiness,

Rust Belt Books


  POETRY    Time for a  

   Mind Alteration     Little Seasonal 

  Through Language     Theater in the 

  In the Back Room   Beautiful Back Room! 

  Vortex    Dec. 1-3rd 

  5-7 pm     Hold the Dates 

  and Get a Date...


Saturday, 18TH, 5-7 pm


By M.W. JAEGGLE - Book Release and Reading

with Brooke Bastie, Spencer Williams, Aaron VanSteinberg, Jesse Capobianco...

What a perfect time to swim in line fields of poems in the lush greys of a late November afternoon... Join us in the Sworl and raise your cultural connectivity in that decadent hour of power, arc of terrain between day and night -


Ask me whether what I have done is enough

and I will say let there be the loss that a wrack line records,

if only for how the cold air whistles on a beach,

while we suture

our broken and partial worlds

with sea grass left behind the tide,

each in our own way a historian of waves.


-- from "Wrack Line," M.W. Jaeggle

Art Show

ERIK HARTNETT - 'My Buddies'

Raw pen and ink portraits

No sketching, just putting pen to paper and reveal who's there...

Balance your SubCultural Arts Participation

-Right Here-


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