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Deep in the Books,

little Sally and Johnny delve...They receive transmissions of voice, imagination, events, ideas and lives...without a single blip, screen, like or wires, no batteries, no monthly subscriptions, billings or surveillance?..

Connecting with worlds, visions, atoms and particles

without one single byte

or bit

or piece of plastic?..

Yet they read and they grow, create realms outside of time, through sun, rain or snow, hurricanes, blizzards, plate tetonics and bombs.....with only the technology of theirs and the authors'


Yes! As the world cycles and spins.., not one post or selfie, tiktok or twit, arose within that Infinite Space of spine-gazing..., shelf after shelf, thinking for themselves, one hand did reach out and pulled forth a Book!

The ego imploded 23x that day!!!.......

O What Fun, what fun!, And what fun to wander your neighborhood in seasonal glee and Pop into a little Magic Theater waiting to present you 2 Originals and a Masterpiece - plays for the season, Right Here - this very're still not too booked yet with parties and eggsnog, yo -

We are Open the Monday before Christmas, Dec. 18th, 12-6 pm, Open Christmas Eve, 10-3 pm and Every Day for the Rest of the Year..

The planet tipping its tilt in to its furthest, darkest North... What are you leaving to the darkness?, to Reconvert and sprout up as Green Shoots when the next cycle begins?

In Great, Great Gratitude..

To Health, Love and True Human Happiness,

Rust Belt Books

 -  COME HAVE A   - A BOOK! -

   COZY LITTLE   What an Amazing  

   BACK ROOM     Gift!  



Dec. 1, 7:30 pm  

  Dec. 2 & 3, 4 pm 



Fri., 1st, 7:30pm, Sat., Sun., 2nd-3rd, 4 pm Matinees 

Buffalo Writers & Inclusive Theater presents


Directed by Matt Boyle, Amiee Levesque, Mike Fanelli

Y'know, there's nothing like catching an unpredictable off Main St. theater occurrance nestled in the west side where you can catch original risk taking artists producing their own work, y'know..

Art Show

Our Stuff - Various works by local artists in our collection over the years

'Angel & Devil' by Stacey M - Time for that sultry Holiday dance within..


Saturdays at 3

The Word - We collect a word, send it to our Friends at Silo City and write it on our wall. We've been doing this since moving here in 2015! Wanna give us a Word?- Be here by 3 pm!


Photo disclaimer:  This shot was not on purpose.  It was capturred in Trrrue Rrreality...

Questions, concerns, real voice contact?

Call us, 885-9535

With Love Allways,


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