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The Time Has Come, the Steward said, to Be of Other Things...

To fill the shoes of Calling Dreams and find the New Stewards of the MotherShip known as Rust Belt Books -

Friends, The Beautiful Rust Belt Books is ready for Transition

Do you, or someone you know, Dream to Own a Niche Business of Vast Cultural Importance Embarking into New Adventures?

An Established Turn-Key Business with an Irreproducible Inventory and Its Own Commercial Property Awaits New Captains - Yes, For Sale..

Does this Speak to You? If So,

Inquire Within,

Then give a call...


Also.. Stop by and check out our New Fascinating, Exciting, Special Backstock and Inventory!

Come enjoy the Beautiful Beautiful Spaces Here for your Browsing Wonderments, Discoveries and Comfort in the Human Race -

To Health, Love and True Human Happiness,
Rust Belt Books

Saturdays at 3
The Word - We collect a word, send it to our Friends at Silo City and write it on our wall. We've been doing this since moving here in 2015! Wanna give us a Word?- Be here by 3 pm!
Photo disclaimer:  This shot was not on purpose.  It was capturred in Trrrue Rrreality...


Questions, concerns, real voice contact?
Call us, 885-9535

With Love Allways,



Monday: Closed

Tuesday - Saturday: 11-6
Sunday: 12-5



Monday: Closed

Tuesday - Saturday: 11-6
Sunday: 12-5

About Us

About Us

A wondrous independent used book store with something soothing for every wandering soul. We buy books for cash or credit and take donations. We carry fiction, poetry, sci-fi/fantasy, philosophy, history, children's/YA, art, science & more! Rust Belt Books is also a space for community events, readings, and art. 

Say Hello!

415 Grant St

Buffalo, NY


While we try to maintain activity on social media, largely to advertise upcoming events and readings, online messaging is not our ideal way to communicate in regards to questions about the store.

We happily urge you to call us and speak directly with us! Or email us and ask to join our email list for monthly updates.

Phone: (716) 885-9535


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